Found need to transfer Cover from Database to a directory

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Found need to transfer Cover from Database to a directory

I have a large collection of music which I sync between PC, Thumb drives, a high quality MP3 player and my phones SD Card.   So each device has different ways to looking at apps.  I mainly use just placing the cover under the name "folder.jpg" in each directory.   I use Album Art Cover as my primary way to capture album covers.   I save them to the SD Card in each folder.  I recently changed phones and in reloading the app, save to SD Card was turned off.   So now I have several dozen covers in the DB and showing in Album Art Cover, but not transferred to the other media.  

I found the android directory that contains the Covers but the naming is looks like a random 12 digit number and no .jpg extension.    With no extension, I cannot display all the images in the directory using a file manager and cannot find anyway to find what file is what Cover art.   I want to get Album art and transfer it into each folder with missing art.  Or better yet, simply repost it to the album and let the app then copy it to the album folder.  

Any ideas on identifying the art so I can copy it.