Can I Delete Random "False" Album Art?

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Can I Delete Random "False" Album Art?

Can I Delete Random "False" Album Art?

My situation is different because what happened was when I downloaded my music some of it did not have art and it actually picked up crappy pictures from my photo gallery and attached itself to the music or the downloaded music had lewd/ crude pictures ALREADY attached to the music file in place of the original/correct album art.

I would like to DELETE ALL photos/album art EXCEPT the correct or valid art that was attached to the very few music files that were correct.  I do not want to re-attach art to the music that does not have art. Is it possible to do that with this app?  Again, I do not want to download bunches of album art but rather I want to delete some album art that is incorrect or false.

Any advice would be most appreciated as I have no clue how to do this and maybe I should look at a different app since I need control over the editing and do not want this process happening automatically.  I would like to be able to edit one file at a time to either delete the art or to add the correct artwork. Please advise. Thanks so much for your help and input.

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